Setting out a business letter

Business letters should be typed in single spacing on the company letterhead for the first page and on matching, unmarked stationery for the following pages. It should contain the date, the name and address of the company to which it is being sent and the body of the letter should start with the words 'Dear...' and finished with the words 'Yours sincerely' or 'Yours faithfully' followed by the signature of the author and usually includes the author's name and position in the company.
    Most Companies will also add the following:
  • A reference number at the top and/or bottom of the letter
  • The initials of both the author and typist at the top and/or bottom of the letter.
  • A heading describing the subject of the letter after the salutation and before the body of the letter
  • Paragraph headings or numbered paragraphs for ease of reference in long detailed letters
  • The note 'enc.' at the bottom of the letter, when other items are being enclosed in the envelope.
  • When someone other than the author of the letter is to receive a carbon copy, the note 'cc' followed by the name of that person appears at the bottom.
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